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PCM Digital Switch

IMP8980D PCM Digital Switch

This CMOS device is designed for switching PCM-encoded voice or data, under microprocessor control, in a modern digital exchange, PBX or Central Office. It provides simultaneous connections for up to 256 64kbit/s channels. Each of the eight serial inputs and outputs consist of 32 64kbit/s channels multiplexed to form a 2048kbit/s ST-BUS stream. In addition, the IMP8980D provides microprocessor read and write access to individual ST-BUS (Serial Telecom Bus) channels.

Key Features

ST-BUS compatible
8-line x 32-channel inputs
8-line x 32-channel outputs
256 ports non-blocking switch
Single power supply (+5V)
3OmW power consumption
Microprocessor-control interface
Pin-compatible with Mitel MT8980
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PCM Digital Switch
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